Is my information secure?

In a word, YES!

With all of the concern these days over giving out social security numbers, credit card information and the like, this is a great question to ask any title company.

Also known as Non-Public Information (NPI), we have taken as many preventative measures as we can to assure you that your information cannot get in the wrong hands.

  • All documents are stored digitally on two double-password computers with a double firewall.
  • Emails containing NPI are sent via secure email requiring the recipient to obtain a password to open the email. You can also send us your NPI via the same system; all we have to do is send you an email first.
  • All employees have been “vetted” with background checks to assure their honesty.
  • Our company has been certified by Secure Settlements, Inc.. In addition, our owner, Brad P. Scobey has been individually certified as well.

All of us at Spirit Title are concerned about personal information just like you and we treat your information as if it were our own.